Top 10 Most Used Mobile Apps On Smartphone Since 2022

Top 10 Most Used Mobile Apps On Your Smartphone 2022

Mobile phone has help us so much that instead of sending post to our loved ones overseas we can talk message them directly through WhatsApp or Email. instead of carrying music Cd’s like in the olden days you can now listen to your favorite songs with a single click on your Spotify app.

We use smartphones for a lot of things. We listen to music, play games, watch video, and talk to one another on social media. Another use for smartphones is to make our lives easier. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can do just that. You carry this thing on you all the time so why not let it make your life easier?                                                                                  Here are some most used apps on Mobile Phone

WhatsApp: This is probably the most used instant messaging app in the world and there’s no surprises there. This is where 98% of all my personal and business conversations happen. Should this app go down i and millions of people around the world will be handicapped.

Twitter : Thinking of staying on top of what’s happening around the world then you need to check Twitter because Whatever your interest are, whether tech, politics, education, there are always industry experts dropping valuable tidbits every second on Twitter.

YouTube : I love learning new skills and Whatever skill you want to learn there are thousands of videos to help you learn. With unlimited internet access, YouTube is where I consume all my video content. Don’t get me started on football content, highlights, compilations, transfer news, then go to Youtube

Always: Is the Best Dating App that have come to stay, Good enough when it comes to online dating or meeting real and cute people then you should consider Always Dating & Chat App. This App is among the best dating App in the world, with Always Dating App, you can meet single ladies, and responsible men and get matched immediately with the woman or man of your choice.

Facebook:  Without being told Facebook has gathered half of the population of the world in one single App so no need to be bore again because millions if not billions of people all over the world are there waiting for you on facebook

Yellowcard : Crypto is a big part of our lives now. There are so many crypto exchange platforms and I probably have several crypto apps on my phone but I prefer Yellowcard more than most platforms. This is my go to whenever I need to make a quick crypto transaction whether is buying or selling. Rates are comparable with other platforms sometimes better, it’s easy to use, fast transactions.

Spotify : I mostly use Spotify for all my podcasts needs. The older I get the less I want to listen to music and just listen to content that adds value to my life that’s why my airpod never leaves my ear and there’s always one of my favorite podcasts playing.

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