Awinja Nyamwalo – SIO LAZIMA (Valentine) Mp3 Download

Awinja Nyamwalo – SIO LAZIMA (Valentine) Mp3 Download

Awinja Nyamwalo – Sio Lazima (Valentine) Video Download

song dubbed Sio Lazima.

The song that came as a surprise to many of her fans was published on YouTube on February 9 and has so far surpassed 500,000 views.

Speaking on The Trend Show, Awinja said that her song was inspired by her ‘It is not a must’ daily attitude and also the fact that it was a Valentine’s Day season.

“Am that person of it is not a must, if it doesn’t work it is not a must. I don’t force friendship. At work if you feel you are not loved don’t just stay there because of money,” the actress explained.

According to her, the idea to write a song came up about two weeks ago and within 30 minutes she had fully composed the song. The song was recorded at Calif records.

Asked on when she will release another song, Awinja answered, “Just wait, you see how I have surprised you.”

Awinja Nyamwalo – Sio Lazima (Valentine)
The mother of one however said that she does not celebrate Valentines because it is an annual thing and yet she prefers a daily one.

“Long ago I used to admire Valentine life, but now I don’t, you bring me flowers they just dry up. I want to be loved daily, don’t wait for Valentines for you to show me that you love me. If it is not a daily thing, let it be,” Awinja said.

She went ahead and advised single ladies and men not to force love issues and just let things flow genuinely.

“Don’t force, let it come genuinely and let it flow as it should be because if you force issues you will get hurt,” Awinja advised.


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